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*Legal advice/aid for freelancers*

Specialized and affordable legal aid for freelancers.

You can always contact “De ZZP Jurist” without any obligations. You will find a contact form further down on the website, but you can also get in contact via one of the buttons below.

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De ZZP jurist

is there for freelancers. There is enough work to do without getting into all the laws and regulations.

Freelancers don’t have the same protection in the Netherlands as consumers have

Consumers are protected from unreasonable articles/clauses in most contracts and terms and conditions. Even if a consumer signs or agrees to such clauses they still get protection.

Know what you are getting into

As a freelancer/entrepreneur you are expected to know what you are doing and aware of the consequences when signing a contract of agreeing to certain terms and conditions.

Pricing model

You will get a personalized price offer from “De ZZP Jurist” because every situation is different. “De ZZP Jurist” offers specialized and affordable legal aid, so the price is based on the specific case/situation.

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Here you will find an overview of the most common services provided by “De ZZP Jurist”. Because every case is different you won’t find prices below. You will receive a personalized price offer. In some cases it’s possible to work on a “no cure no pay” basis.

If you’re not self-employed but are seeking legal advice or assistance please got to:

De ZZP Jurist is part of Uygul – van Dam


You need legal assistance in a (future) case and are looking for help. For example about:

Intellectual property law

You need legal assistance regarding a case relating to your (or someone else’s) intellectual property rights.

Legal conflicts

You need legal assistance regarding a conflict with a customer or other company.


You need legal assistance during negotations.

Governmental decisions

You don’t agree with a decision from the government or you need assistance requisition a decision.

Court cases

You need legal assistance in a (future) case before the court.


You have questions about a specific case or subject and would like advice. For example about:

Intellectual property law

You have questions about your or someones else’s intellectual property rights. For example about licensing or selling rights.

Legal conflict situations

You need advise about a (possible) legal conflict. And have some questions.


You have questions about liability regarding yourself or someone else.

Other legal questions

You can contact “De ZZP Jurist” without any obligations regarding all your legal questions. We can discuss if “De ZZP Jurist” can help you.


You want to have a document checked or drawn up. For example regarding:

Terms & Conditions

“De ZZP Jurist” can draw up, or check, terms & conditions for your own company. It’s also possible to check terms & conditions from other company’s.

Legal agreements

You want to have a legal agreement drawn up or checked by “De ZZP Jurist”.


You have a contract you would like to have checked or need a new contract drawn up for a specific situation.

Other documents

If your situation isn’t mentioned above feel free to contact “De ZZP Jurist”. Only the most popular services are mentioned here.

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Legal consultant for freelancers

You can always contact “De ZZP Jurist” without any obligations via the buttons below.
You only enter into an agreement after explicit consent after having reviewed your situation.

About ZZP Jurist
legal consultant for freelancers
mr. D. Uygul - van Dam
De ZZP Jurist
Legal consultant for freelancers
mr D Uygul van Dam<br>Lawyer

After I finished my Masters Degree in 2011 at the University of Groningen I started looking for work straight away. I jumped at the first realistic opportunity to start working as a legal consultant at two law-firms. Here I got more experienced in civil and criminal law.

In 2013 I was sworn in as a lawyer. I traveled and handled cases in the entire Netherlands. In my work I was known for my social, no-nonsense and to the point way of working. In my 6 years as a lawyer I focused on criminal and administrative law. After 6 years I felt it was time for a change and started working for a commercial company.

All my experiences led me to the point where I started working as a freelancer. On the 18th of November 2022 I was sworn in as a lawyer again.

I Think it’s important that everyone has access to personal and affordable legal assistance. No unnecessary (high) costs and surprises.

mr. Dennis Uygul – van Dam